Type: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Year: 2020

Description: Social media management and content creation for startup, Flowly. Flowly is an app created for chronic pain and anxiety management, deeply rooted in the chronic illness and spoonie community. They use VR and biofeedback technology to help pain sufferers relax through mindful breathing to reach a 'flow' state. 

A sample of the full Instagram feed as of April 2020

While we tried to keep the majority of the typography really cohesive with our main type: Quicksand, we also wanted to experiment with more handwritten style types on our social media. We felt that the community responds well to content that has a personal touch whether that be hand drawn content or handwritten script.

I used a large range of tools when doing content creation. For hand drawn work I primarily used Procreate. Even when it came to making animations, I would first illustrate, then animate on After Effects, rather than creating the assets on Illustrator. 

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