elizabeth lai

London & California based.

I am a self-motivated artist and business student, and consider neither as a side hustle. Passionate about merging my illustration with my dream job in branding, I never stop looking for opportunities to grow my expertise. Learning together and being curious for more is what energizes my spirit hamster in its wheel. 

I attended the Orange County School of the Arts for 5 years, training 3 hours a day with industry-professional art teachers on top of a normal high school curriculum. Here, I dabbled in jewelry and metalwork, printmaking, and ceramics; even adding 'mural artist' to my list of experiences later on. But more importantly, I trained in digital art, illustration, and fine arts to a high level of fluency.

I now attend the University of the Arts London, majoring in Strategic Fashion Management. Though art and creative work continue to be my greatest passion, my pursuit for further knowledge led me in the direction of business management. Here, it's always something new, whether it be marketing, accounting, buying, sustainability, or merchandising. 

With greater insight comes open doors; this motto is what I owe all my passions and dreams. 



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